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Once you enter our servers, you automatically accept these rules.
Basically, ignorance does not protect against punishment!

Rule violations can be reported to the administrators / supporters
(preferably directly with evidence, for example a short clip or screenshots). 

Should these be confirmed, the person who violates a rule will be given a warning or a ban of at least one day. 

Punishment is at the discretion of the administrators / supporters.
Both Admins and Supporter provide support, the only limitation is server side issues.

We reserve the right to adjust the rules at any time. 

If you have changes you will be informed regularly in Discord or Ingame. The Discord is free for all – if someone wants to have a channel in this for their own tribe, this can be requested from the admin/support.

More details about the rules can be requested at any time from an admin/support.

The first and most important rule:
Every player and every tribe has to behave in a way that we have a fair, full and regulated server.

This rule can override all other rules.

The discretion of this rule is the responsibility of the admins.

General rules of conduct

  • The instructions of the admins are to be obeyed.
  • Adequate behavior (no insults, no discrimination, no bullying, no racism, no sexual allusions)
  • Cheats & Bugusing are strictly forbidden!
  • No griefing!
  • Spamming, permanent writing in Capslock and advertising are prohibited.
  • For cryptic or inappropriate names, we reserve the right to ask you to change your or your tribes’ names.
  • No begging for items – one-time questions are allowed!
  • In all chats the language is limited to German and English.
  • He who dies has died – dead people can not complain! (No flame!)

General server rules

  • Each tribe is limited to 6 players.
  • Each tribe should use the same tribe name as the other servers in the cluster as soon as they move to another server in the cluster – 6 players is the limit for a tribe (ie Tribe A can only have 6 players on server 1 , as well as Server 2 and these should include the same players on Server 1, as well as Server 2.)
  • Forming alliances is not possible. However, alliance-like mergers may be formed for a short time, for drops, farms, etc. Each tribe is responsible for the loot split itself.
  • Cave Breeding, Dinos in Caves and the placement of beds in Caves are not allowed.
  • There is no refund of items / blueprints, dinos, structures or other items, as long as it is in-game mistakes on the part of Ark.
  • Throwing away dragon eggs is prohibited!
    (Just eat, breed or give away!)
  • At the beginning and the end of the PvP / Base Raid weekends, the servers are restarted once!
  • In Tribe or player merges is to decide for a base and destroy the other on their own!

Building Rules

  • The following areas may not be developed:
    – important resource occurrences (for example metal, crystal, obsidian, oil, sulfur, beaver dams, silicon pearls, cactus juice, artifacts)
    – Drops/Lootcrates, Nodes, Bosses, Artifacts (Lootcrates should not be protected with buildings while you are fighting for them, for example on Extinction)
    – Obelisks, explorer notes or whole regions
    – Spawn areas (Except beginners who have to move as soon as they have built up a bit and tear down the base in the spawn area.)
  • A base, which is no longer inhabited or cultivated, will be deleted by the admin. 
  • Stand alone structures or structures for taming must be demolished after use. Permanent structures for taming or normal structures outside the base have to be released for everyone, otherwise they will be destroyed without consequences.
  • Under Mesh (ie into the map) is not allowed!
  • Do not use too much glass when building, this serves the performance.
  • Staking huge areas is not allowed. The permitted range for staking out is specified by the Offline Guard. As far as the Offline Guard protects may also be staked.
  • For each Tribe / Single Player, only ONE main base in the cluster (one red flag on each corner) and ONE water base (one blue flag on each corner) may be set up. If a tribe builds more than one main base, meaning 2 bases with red flags or 2 bases with blue flags at the same time, ALL bases will be torn down and the tribe will start at 0. If a tribe moves and therefore needs 2 bases with the same flag color at short notice, please let us know by discord per ticket, so that all supporters are informed about it.
    For small buildings with beds or similar on other servers in the cluster:
    These can be demolished by other players in PvP at any time, or destroyed by an admin.
  • Each tribe may ONLY use TWO offline protections in the cluster! (If there is a underwater and mainbase where you have to place them, otherwise: ONLY ONE offline protection allowed.)
  • Both the normal mainbase and the mainbase underwater must be built on the same server setting (PvP / PvE).

PvP & Base Raid rules

  • PvP is allowed on the marked servers!
  • Raiding of marked bases is strictly prohibited on the PvE servers! (Also on PvP weekends!)
  • At the PvP weekends on PvE servers bases may be raided WITHOUT flags!
  • We only want to see fair PvP behavior, including:
    • no repetitive killing from the same player
    • Use the local chat on taunts, but do not let the taunts become insulting or worse. Sportsmanship applies here.
    • no raids in spawn areas
    • Base Raids allow repeated killing of players and serve to defend / attack a base.
    • no attacks from “alpha tribes” to smaller tribes. (please look for equal opponents.)
  • Titans of Extinction may not be used for raiding or defense, as these are not supported by the Protected Passiv Mod, any Titan may be attacked at any time.
  • The temporary joining of Tribes on PvP servers for other activities (Titan, bosses, drops) is permitted. The loot distribution can be seen under the Tribes. Permanent alliances through the Ark internal alliance system is not allowed.
  • Attacking a base does not allow 1 tribe to pass with a maximum of 6 players on the attacker and defender side.
  • Persons outside the Tribes may be hired for Base Raids, as long as they have not previously belonged to other Tribes. (This is considered tribe hopping)
  • Internal raiding is prohibited. If you are nevertheless delivered to an internal raid, the admin and support team will not replace items or dinos. Everyone is responsible for his tribe!
  • Free standing buildings without marking and / or Taming enclosures may be demolished or raided in PvP at any time.

PvP & PvE separation

  • Each tribe building its main base on a PvE server is automatically declared a PvE tribe, which means:
    • This tribe is not allowed to raid the bases on the PvP servers on Raid weekend, because there is no possibility to raid on the PvE servers and the fairness is no longer given.
  • Every tribe that builds its main base on a PvP server is automatically declared a PvP tribe, meaning the tribe has to expect to be raided on the Raid weekends.
    • Tribes with the main base on the PvP maps may destroy buildings on the PvE maps during the PvP weekends that have NO flag.

If we find a rule violation, the Tribe Lead must come to a discussion in the support. In case of multiple and willful violations, the sanctions can lead to a permanent exclusion of the entire Tribe.

Dino rules

  • Exposure (to hike and / or unclaimed in the wild) of dinosaurs no longer required is prohibited. These must be properly disposed of, given away or kept.
  • If two Tribes shoot at a Dino, it is necessary to check after stunning, who owns this. Creatures within a trap count as stunned and belong to the owner of the trap. If this point is exploited to repeatedly steal the Tames from other players, it will have consequences.
  • It is NOT allowed to kill animals that have already been shot unconscious by another tribe.
  • We distinguish dinos into 3 different categories that are there:
    • I. adolescent dinosaurs
    • II. passive protected dinosaurs (Mod based)
    • III. all dinos outside of I. (adolescent) and II. (the passive protected mod)
  • Dinos of Category I. and II. are not to kill, because they simply can not fight back.
  • Dinos of Category I. are not mature and therefore not involved in PvP actions!
    • It is not allowed to hide behind growing dinosaurs!
    • It is in your own interest to grow adolescent dinosaurs in protective areas such as your base to avoid problems.
  • Dinos of Category II. are automatically protected by the protected passive mod.
    • The protected passive mod automatically takes effect on every Dino after 5 minutes, no matter how much life the particular Dino has at that time. (Serverupdate 12.07.2019 at 6 PM CEST)
      • Protected passive dinos automatically lose their inventory when they switch to passive mode. The loot remains only 15 minutes. (lost items will not be refunded!)
      • Dinos in motion / hiking can not enter protected passive mode and are therefore automatically considered “in use” and belong to Category III. 
      • If the protected passive mod is deactivated manually, then these dinos are considered “in use” and belong to Category III.
  • Examples:
    • Dinos use in building.
      The Dino is manually set to passive in order to store building materials in it. Thus, this Dino is automatically considered “in use” and thus belong to Category III.
    • Following Dinos.
      The entrained dinos are considered “in use” and thus belong to Category III.
    • I’m fresh from the PvP, land somewhere and quickly descend from my Dino, so this is protected as passive.
      Again, the passive protected mode takes only after 5 minutes. So you have to protect your Dino for 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes he counts as “in use” and thus to the dinos of Category III. 
  • Dinos of Category III. are all those who are neither adolescent nor protected by the protected passive mod.
    • Dinos that are not protected may be involved in PvP actions, even if they have been made passive.
  • Dinosaurs that are used as turrets and / or alarm systems may NOT be in passive protection mode, as they will be included in PvP actions!


  • Supporters should be treated with respect.
  • Support is only guaranteed in the Discord text channel #Support. This can be done with the help of the Ticket function or in the marked Voice Channel. Please refrain from other support requests, they are ignored.
  • The more accurate the details of the problem are, the more effectively the support requests are processed – footage is always helpful!
  • Our admin and support team acts and makes decisions collectively, notices from supporters and admins should be followed. There are no differences in support requests in the ranks, only in the help can be given. Adding an Admins should always be the last instance.


MapsRagnarok, Extinction, Valguero, Aberration, Volcano, OlympusThe Center, The Island
PvPalwaysfriday 9 PM CEST until saturday 9 PM CEST
Base Raidfriday 9 PM CEST until saturday 9 PM CESTnever

Version 1.6 (2019-09-09 ~ 10 PM CEST)